The only independent clinical reference laboratory solely focused on the development and improvement of molecular diagnostics for wound care and podiatry.
MDx Laboratories, LLC offers physicians involved in wound care and podiatry the highest level of molecular diagnostics to identify the causative pathogens present in a patient specimen.  MDx Laboratories is able to offer both next generation sequencing (NGS) and real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to identify these pathogens and the presence of bacteria resistant genes.  This cutting edge diagnostic technology allows physicians to target therapy specific to each patient and ultimately deliver better outcomes.

Diagnostic Tools

Micro Lab

A microbiological culture, or microbial culture, is a method of multiplying microbial organisms by letting them reproduce in predetermined culture medium under controlled laboratory conditions.  Culture medium or growth medium is a liquid or gel designed to support the growth of microorganisms. There are different types of media suitable for growing different types of cells.  It is crucial that specimen are quickly delivered to the lab to retain its integrity.  Since the advent of molecular diagnostics, this method is no longer considered the "gold standard".

DNA Testing via NGS and PCR

NGS has many advantages over traditional pathogen diagnostic methods, such as unbiased rather than pathogen-specific protocols, ability to detect difficult or non-culturable organisms, and ability to detect multiple infective agents of particular benefit in "biofilms".


These advantages and others such as improved turnaround times for lab reports, better accuracy at 99.9% and the ability to match DNA sequence codes to a National Data Base of 25,000 pathogens have led NGS to be the new "gold standard" for pathogen identification.

Comprehensive Reporting with Accurate Identification

The comprehensive MDx Laboratories report available on the client login will include all detected pathogens, the bacterial load or percentage present of each pathogen in proportion to the total, and the presence of any bacteria resistant genes.  

With the most accurate identification of the pathogens and resistant genes in a patient sample, providers are able to quickly intervene and target therapy to deliver the best possible outcomes.


Clinical Information

Diagnostic Technologies for Pathogen Identification

Microbiology Culture

  • Nearly 200 years old

  • Results in 2-4 weeks

  • 60% accuracy

  • Identifies less than 1% of the known human pathogens

Real-Time PCR

  • Modern technology

  • Results within 48 hours

  • 99% accuracy, limited to small panels of pathogens 

  • Bacterial resistant genes

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Results in 3 to 5 days

  • 99.9% accuracy

  • 25,000 human pathogens

DNA Testing vs. Culturing

Culturing             DNA Testing

2 to 4 weeks           2 to 5 days

1000 species        25000 species

60% accuracy       99% accuracy

200 yrs old            Cutting edge

No resistance        Identify resistance

Clinical Studies & Better Outcomes

The Advent of Molecular Diagnostics has led to the following Improvements in Patient Care

  • Rapid identification of causative pathogens

  • More targeted treatment options

  • Better outcomes


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